your reliable partner with German quality in China

Our core value

The fundamental reason for existence of Haumann is to help our customers and society to enhance their competitive advantages through our product and services.

Our products and services include high quality molds, plastic injection molding parts, technical consultancy for part design and concept, lean management consultancy, and vocational training program to build talent people.

Our T.A.S.K. is your competitive advantages

Customer Value:
Quality, Speed, Cost, Talent
  • Lean management
  • Injection molding
  • Mold design
  • Technical turn-key solutions
  • High precision molds
  • Plastic injection molding parts
  • High skilled
  • Motivation
  • Skill & knowledge of continuous improvement
Technology   Attitude   Skill    Knowledge

Milestones & Facts


  • Founded by 3 German and Austrian engineers
  • Establish the company in Hong Kong, Kowloon in February 2014
  • Start mold making for Audi, Volvo, Benz in Gaobu in March 2014
  • Setup Dongguan company in Songshan Lake High-tech park of Dongguan in June 2014
  • Start injection molding for high precision plastic parts in June 2014

FACTS (by 10/2014)

  • 58 plastic molds delivered to Europe
  • >30000 Plastic parts delivered to various customers